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Ciel Protocol: A Multi-Reward, Community-Centric DeFi Platform

Welcome to Ciel Protocol, the premier platform designed to offer rewards in multiple ERC20 tokens. Our ecosystem is anchored by the community-driven, deflationary utility token, CIEL – the core token fueling the Ciel Protocol.
As a CIEL token holder, you can select from an array of 12 ERC20 tokens, setting us apart from conventional reward tokens that rely on trading volume. Rewards are generated through revenue-driving utilities rolled out over time. Enjoy the freedom to trade CIEL without incurring buy or sell taxes, a unique feature that eliminates extra fees.
Ciel Protocol also provides the OTZI token as a reward, acting as the platform's governance token. As we progress, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will be governed by the OTZI token, granting you the power to influence the platform's future. A DAO is an organization governed by rules encoded as computer programs on a blockchain, ensuring transparency and impartial enforcement without centralized control. As a Ciel Protocol community member, you can actively participate in governance decisions through the DAO, shaping the platform's destiny.
Join Ciel Protocol today and become an integral part of the future of decentralized finance, where community members hold the power to shape the landscape.

Ciel Protocol's Tokenomics

Ciel Protocol's tokenomics is structured to deliver lasting value to token holders and encourage engagement with the platform. The ecosystem is centered on the deflationary utility token, CIEL – the core token within the Ciel Protocol ecosystem.
CIEL has a maximum total supply of 1 billion tokens, with 134,552,572 currently in circulation. Out of the circulating supply, 41,000,000 tokens are held within the Liquidity Pool (LP), and approximately 93,000,000 tokens are eligible for rewards. These tokens were minted at the platform's inception and will never be minted again, ensuring scarcity and protecting value.
Owning CIEL tokens grants access to a diverse range of rewards. CIEL holders can choose from 12 ERC20 tokens, including popular options such as WETH, WBTC, BAT, UNI, SHIBA, MANA, MKR, LINK, PAXG, and USDC, as well as CIEL and OTZI.
Distinct from conventional reward tokens relying on trading volume, CIEL's rewards originate from revenue-generating utilities deployed over time. This implies that as Ciel Protocol expands and introduces more revenue-driving utilities, CIEL holders will enjoy increased rewards.
Besides the rewards associated with holding CIEL, the platform also offers the governance token OTZI as a reward. OTZI serves as Ciel Protocol's governance token, enabling holders to influence the platform's direction through the DAO. As the platform develops, the DAO will be managed via the OTZI token, granting CIEL holders direct involvement in decision-making.
In summary, Ciel Protocol's tokenomics are engineered to benefit token holders and motivate engagement with the platform. As the platform evolves and more utilities are introduced, CIEL holders can anticipate escalating rewards, rendering it a valuable asset for the long-term.
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Multi-Asset Rewards

Ciel Protocol is a groundbreaking DeFi platform that stands out with its approach to rewards. Unlike other DeFi projects offering only a single token, such as a stable coin or rewards in their native token, Ciel Protocol provides rewards in a variety of ERC20 tokens, including our own CIEL token.
One primary advantage of multi-asset rewards is diversification. Users can spread their risk across several assets by earning rewards in multiple tokens, thus reducing their exposure to any single token. This strategy can help protect against volatility and market fluctuations, which are common in the cryptocurrency arena. By offering multi-asset rewards, we're enabling users to earn rewards while also mitigating their risk. For instance, if a user earns rewards in various tokens and one token's value significantly drops, their overall portfolio will be less affected due to their diversified set of assets.
However, diversification is not the only benefit of multi-asset rewards. Providing a range of tokens also grants users more choice and flexibility. They can opt to hold the tokens they earn or trade them for other assets on several decentralized exchanges. This flexibility is crucial, as it allows users to capitalize on different market conditions and opportunities as they arise. If a user earns rewards in a token experiencing substantial price appreciation, they may choose to hold onto it, hoping for further growth. Alternatively, they may decide to trade it for another token with more long-term potential.
In addition to offering users more choice and flexibility, multi-asset rewards also help promote innovation in the DeFi space. By providing rewards in various tokens, we're encouraging the development and adoption of new tokens and projects. This approach can help drive innovation and progress in the DeFi space, leading to novel and exciting opportunities for users.
Offering multi-asset rewards is a distinctive feature of our platform, setting us apart from other DeFi projects. By empowering users with more choice and flexibility, we enable them to make their own decisions about how they want to engage with the cryptocurrency space. Furthermore, we promote diversification and innovation, which are crucial for long-term growth and success in the DeFi space.
At Ciel Protocol, we are dedicated to innovation and creating new avenues for users to participate in the DeFi ecosystem. We believe that multi-asset rewards are an essential step forward in this regard, and we're excited to see how this approach evolves over time. As the DeFi space continues to expand and develop, we anticipate that multi-asset rewards will become increasingly valuable, and we're proud to be at the vanguard of this trend.
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OTZI-Governed DAO: Decentralized Decision-Making

At Ciel Protocol, we place immense value on community-driven decision-making, which is why we're working on developing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed by the OTZI token. Our community of token holders will play a pivotal role in guiding the platform's direction without the need for centralized control.
A DAO is an organization managed by its members who use their tokens to vote on proposals and decisions, ensuring transparency and democratic processes. DAOs have been gaining popularity in the DeFi space as a means to foster a fair and equitable ecosystem.
By implementing a DAO at Ciel Protocol, we aim to create a more decentralized, community-centric approach to decision-making. As an OTZI governance token holder, you will have the opportunity to participate in the DAO and vote on proposals related to the platform's growth and future. The more OTZI tokens you hold, the greater your voting power.
While our DAO is not fully operational yet, we remain dedicated to providing our community with a direct say in the platform's development. We believe this approach will lead to a sustainable and equitable DeFi ecosystem, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this movement.
Join Ciel Protocol today to be part of a community-driven platform that empowers its members, and stay tuned for the upcoming launch of our DAO.
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Revenue-Driven Rewards vs.
Volume-Based Rewards

Ciel Protocol differentiates itself by offering a sustainable and growth-oriented rewards system that benefits all participants. Comparing revenue-driven rewards and volume-based rewards highlights the advantages of our approach.

Revenue-driven rewards are generated through various revenue-driving utilities that are rolled out over time. By linking rewards to these revenue-generating strategies, Ciel Protocol creates a stable and consistent rewards system, fostering long-term growth and stability for the entire ecosystem.

One of the unique features of revenue-driven rewards is the elimination of buy, sell, or transfer taxes, ensuring a frictionless trading experience for users. This feature eliminates extra fees and allows users to maximize their returns on investment while supporting a thriving community and benefiting all platform participants.

In contrast, volume-based rewards rely on trading volume to generate rewards for token holders. While this approach may seem attractive initially, it can present several challenges and limitations for users. Volume-based rewards often involve transactional buy, sell, or transfer taxes, which can create friction and additional costs for users. These taxes can discourage trading activity and hinder the platform's growth potential.

Relying solely on trading volume to generate rewards can also lead to an unsustainable rewards structure, potentially resulting in a Ponzi-like scheme. This risk can make such platforms less appealing for long-term investments, as rewards depend on trading volume and can be highly volatile and unpredictable. This volatility can make it challenging for users to plan their investment strategies and manage their risks effectively.

By embracing a revenue-driven rewards system, Ciel Protocol offers a more sustainable, user-friendly, and transparent approach to decentralized finance. Ciel Protocol prioritizes the interests of its community members and works tirelessly to create a more equitable, transparent, and decentralized financial system for all. With a commitment to providing rewards in multiple ERC20 tokens, combined with its innovative revenue-driven rewards structure, Ciel Protocol remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape. Join us in shaping the future of finance, where users hold the power to create a more inclusive and accessible global financial system.

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Uniswap: The Obvious Choice

At Ciel Protocol, our commitment to advancing decentralized finance involves offering our community access to the most innovative and user-friendly solutions. We are excited to announce our decision to list our token on Uniswap, one of the most popular and widely-used decentralized exchanges globally.
Listing on Uniswap offers our community a decentralized trading alternative accessible to anyone with internet access and an Ethereum wallet. Uniswap's automated market maker (AMM) model enables seamless, instant trading of any ERC-20 token without intermediaries or centralized order books.
Moreover, Uniswap's highly transparent and community-driven platform aligns with our values and mission. Governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), anyone holding UNI tokens can participate in the platform's development and decision-making processes.
Listing on Uniswap also connects us with an enthusiastic and active community of users and developers passionate about decentralized finance and pushing the boundaries of the space. By becoming part of this community, we can reach a wider audience and continue to innovate and enhance our platform for users.
We are eager to take this step toward promoting decentralized finance and providing our community with the best trading options. We invite you to join us on Uniswap and experience the power of decentralized trading firsthand.
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Welcome to the vibrant Ciel Community!

Our platform aims to transform the way people interact with digital assets, and we are excited to have you with us on this innovative journey.
The Ciel Community is a collection of dedicated individuals who share our goal of creating a decentralized and accessible financial environment. As part of this community, you will be connected with others who share the same vision and are working collectively to reshape the digital asset landscape.
By becoming a member of the Ciel Community, you can:
  • Participate in thought-provoking conversations about decentralized finance and digital assets.
  • Stay informed on the latest Ciel Protocol developments, including new features, collaborations, and exchange listings.
  • Offer your insights and suggestions to the Ciel Protocol team, influencing the platform's growth and evolution.
  • Collaborate with fellow community members on ground-breaking projects and initiatives.
  • Stay updated on upcoming gatherings and meetups, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals face-to-face.
We are committed to cultivating a supportive and diverse community that represents the array of experiences and viewpoints of our users and advocates. Whether you're a developer, trader, or someone who is passionate about decentralized finance, the Ciel Community is the perfect place for you.
Join us now and play a vital role in developing a more transparent, inclusive, and fair financial system for everyone.
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Chief Legal Counsel

Paul McCulloch, a New York attorney and executive, specializes in Cybersecurity, FinTech, Privacy, and Emerging Technologies like blockchain and DeFi. Skilled at bridging technology and regulations, he assists clients and regulators with decentralize...

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Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Jeremy is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in government contracting, finance, and technology. He spent six years as a DoD contractor, overseeing a multibillion-dollar joint military contract in Quality Management. With seven years at Citi...


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